Access Doors

Bonded Lock provides Access Doors, but what exactly IS an Access Door?  What does it do?  Who uses Access Doors?  Why might you need one?  Let's take a moment to learn more.

Access Doors, sometimes referred to as Access Panels, are doors that provide access to areas that require a certain level of security.  They can be used to provide protection from the elements, as well as to limit access to controls or panels that require specialized maintenance.  They can even be used for cosmetic purposes, to hide unsightly wiring! Access Doors ensure that the owner controls access to things such as electricity, plumbing, duct work, or certain areas of a building.

Access Doors are often used by plumbers or electricians to reach...

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Transponder Keys

You know those fancy keys that come with late model or high-end vehicles? The ones that are specifically programmed to your car, and help reduce the possibility of theft?  They're called Trans...

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Raising the Value of Your Home

Thinking of selling your home?  It's no secret that the real estate market isn't at its best, but there are some easy and quick ways to increase the value of your home!  According to Meli...

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13th Annual Mayfield Golf Classic

On Monday, October 1st, several members of Bonded Lock and Erlanger Hardware's staff took part in the 13th Annual Mayfield Golf Classic.  The golf outing benefitted Impact Autism, whose goal i...

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